Do I have to work in the permanent and temporary access industry to take the test?

No not at all. The system has been designed for those that work in, planning to work in or have an interest in the permanent and temporary access industry. Please feel free to give it a try. If nothing else, it is incredibly engaging and educational.

Yes you can. Every session gives you two attempts view the e-learning system and to sit the test. If you pass, you will be sent a certificate of competence. If you fail after the second attempt, you can reapply to take the test again.  ALL sections must be passed to achieve qualification.

No, sorry the resources can only be viewed when you are in the system undertaking the learning before sitting the test – which can be done in stages.  You can take notes and watch the videos as many times as you wish.

No, sorry. We wouldn’t want the questions and answers to be readily available to subscribers in advance of the test. That would defeat the whole purpose of achieving competence under test-like conditions. The objective is to create a learning and testing platform that helps to protect those working at height.

SAEMA is the permanent and temporary access industry’s trade body – respected and qualified professionals with year’s of experience. Using our e-learning resources and being tested in such a rigorous way will show current and prospective employers that you have achieved the industry’s highest standard in the theory of permanent and temporary access activities.

Yes you can. The system is mobile compatible.

The site is optimised to run on Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox browsers. If you experience any difficulties with the site, you may need to download one of these browsers.

Don’t worry. The system stores your details so you will be able to go back in using the password that is emailed and texted to you. If you are part way through answering questions in a section, however, the system will automatically revert back to the beginning of that section when you log back in. This is designed to reduce the risk of someone logging out to find the answers. Our advice is to make sure you find a stable connection before you start the test.

Yes you can, but once you start a section you must complete it. If you break off part way through a test section, when you log back in again, you will automatically be start again from the beginning of that section.

Because the tests can be undertaken remotely, the webcam system is our own version of an invigilator. To reduce the risk of someone taking the test for a friend/ colleague when the test begins, a webcam must be available and switched on. When the test is being undertaken, you must be sat in front of the unobstructed camera and you must sit the test on your own with no external assistance.  Once completed, we will check the uploaded passport/driving licence details against the webcam footage and then we will send you your certificate of competence within 24-48 hours, along with a text link to download your virtual card.

In respect of GDPR, the captured images are held for the legitimate interest of our card verification process.

This is a safety critical test and as such, competence needs to be demonstrated by the individual undergoing the training.

Firstly, it shows employers and prospective employers that you clearly understand, and have been examined to a high standard, in work relating to the permanent and temporary access. This is important because our work, as outlined by the Health and Safety Executive, can be one of the most challenging/dangerous of all workplace activities. It also shows that, in theory, you could work safely in the permanent and temporary access industry – which gives you a strong foothold into the sector ahead of any practical training you may undertake in the field. In a nutshell, it is good for you, it is good for you company and, most importantly, it will help to keep you and others safer whilst operating in the workplace.